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Let Winter do its Job

❄️W I N T E R❄️ Happy New Year y’all! Here we are at the beginning of a new year, and I promise I’m not going to ask you what your new year’s resolutions, goals or intentions are. We’ve seen plenty of posts, memes, GIFs, blogs, messages, conversations, etc. about all of those. If you’re genuinely motivated by the-new year-surge, and ready to take-on huge efforts, then by all means, go for it! But if you’re feeling like you missed the energy boat with all the new-year-heavy-hitters, possibly already exhausted by the relentless push, and maybe a little ashamed to admit it, then please know this: 1. you’re not alone; and 2. maybe you’re even on the right track. Here’s something that might land for you... ❄️ Whether you’re scraping icy windshields, running between raindrops, or enjoying tropical breezes on the lanai, we - here in the Northern hemisphere - are smack in the midst of W I N T E R ...and Winter has a very important job to do. Winter is quiet, restful, restorative, and yes, even sleepy (just ask any bear, but you’ll have to wait until it wakes-up from hibernating). So, for those of us who might feel resistance or struggle with new year's resolutions / goals / intentions, perhaps it’s because our internal clocks understand and are in sync with the purpose of winter. ❄️ Winter is not a natural time to start, to begin, or to create. Simply because the calendar is at the beginning, does not mean we *must begin* something, or anything, right now. Winter is a time to stop, be still and contemplate. It’s a time for planning without doing (yet). It is a restorative season. So let Winter do its job and allow yourself to be restored. ❄️ Take a breath, sit back and relax. Think, wonder, pontificate, consider. Appreciate, observe, reflect, remember. Look through old photos or letters. Sharpen your knives (and your mind). Clear the clutter in your home (and in your heart). Laugh. Cry. Read. Write. Paint. Dance. Be. ❄️ This will provide you with the energy and internal resources you need for the next season: Spring! 🌿 Spring is the natural time for new beginnings. Let Winter do its job and when Spring arrives, you will be well prepared to create, achieve, accomplish. ...but that’s just me. You go-getters, go and get it! 😉

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