I rarely leave the house without my camera, and I'm always dreaming about my next travel adventure.  

I'm not easily labeled or defined. In just about everything, I love both extremes and all that's in between! I mostly eat "clean," but I'll never say no to a juicy hamburger, chocolate-peanut butter ice cream, popcorn, or roasted marshmallows! In the middle of winter, I pine for long summer days; but by mid-July, I'll be longing for chilly nights and a reason to pull that old quilt out of the cedar chest, so I can hibernate by a roaring fire with my favorite movies!  

I have a bleeding heart, an undying belief in the goodness of others and a relentless intolerance for intolerance. I stubbornly insist that each one of us makes a difference in this world. I'm passionately committed to providing opportunities for less-privileged, under-served and at-risk populations, with a special “lean” toward the girls and young women who are tomorrow’s leaders, but for the obstacles I might help to remove.


I've learned the value of listening with my heart, having an open mind, and holding another’s truth with compassion, even when it does not match my own. I always trust my intuition and stay true to myself, while respecting others and honoring their paths and journeys.


With my eyes wide-open, I’d rather risk having my dreams dashed and my heart broken, than to play it safe and wonder “what if.”

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I can always find a silver lining

Let go of what's holding you back 

so your hands are free

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