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Getting out of My Own Way

As it turns out, it’s not my job to predict the future or control everything. Well ain’t that a kick in the pants? And here I thought I was getting pretty good at it! 🤷🏻‍♀️ The truth is, each time I have tried to predict, control, arrange, rearrange, manipulate, in order to ensure a certain outcome, I have actually pushed against the natural course, blocking my own forward movement. In other words, I needed to get out of my own way! This has been an ongoing lesson, but eventually, after plenty of stubborn push-back and stumbling, I began to see that when I get out of the way, and allow things to unfold in their own timing, the answers I’m seeking naturally bubble-up, and when it's time, solutions reveal themselves. The trick is to be patient, become more comfortable with the "not knowing" and have faith that I’ll know when I’m supposed to know. Easier said than done!

Meanwhile, I believe that we should be active participants in our lives; that we absolutely DO have a say in what happens. So where’s the line? How do we know when to move forward, and when to hang back? How do we recognize when it's time to take action, and when it’s time to get out of our own way?

Over time, I have begun to recognize the signs. When I set out to accomplish something - big or small, long or short-term - I identify and set into motion the actions necessary to make it happen. Along the way, there will be moments when I get stuck, or find myself at a crossroads, or am faced with choices that are not immediately crystal clear. Although those might appear to be roadblocks or obstacles, they are actually signals. Those are the signs that I need to stop, take a breath, get quiet, and listen for the guidance and the answers. ...and remember, they always come.

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