Which Voice is Loudest

You know that unmistakeable feeling in your gut you can’t quite shake, that pushes and nudges at you? The one you can't ignore no matter how hard you try? The one urging you not to go through with something you know is wrong, keeping you awake at night because you didn’t give someone a chance, pushing you to be brave enough to do or say the unpopular thing because you know it’s the RIGHT thing... That’s that’s your gut talking, your your voice of wisdom, your intuition.

Judgment, doubt, fear, desire, pride, pressure — those are the voices in your head saying things that make you question your worth or intelligence; that justify taking shortcuts and telling lies.

That is not to say you should never listen to the voices in your head. Reason, deduction, comprehension, intellect - those are all productive. But they are generally not the voices screaming so loudly.

Are you trusting the voice in your gut? Or are you allowing it to be drowned out by the louder voices in your head? Learn to recognize the difference and choose wisely. When in doubt, turn the volume DOWN on the voices in your head, and turn the volume UP on your voice of wisdom.

#TrustYourGut #LetYourGutScreamLouder #ListenCarefully #YourGutKnowsWhatsUp #BeBrave #ChooseWhatsRightForYou #Courage #BeTrueToYourself #BePowerful #CreateMagic #DailyPositivity


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