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Kindness Got Lost

Somehow, gentleness and kindness and meekness got lost (meekness, btw is not the same as weakness. Merriam Webster: having or showing a quiet and gentle nature : not wanting to fight or argue). Somehow (and HOW is still beyond me), it seems that permission has been implicitly granted to say whatever we want, without regard for how it might affect another, casting aside politeness and all levels of manners. If you happen to hold this understanding, then please read this next part carefully: It's still not okay - I repeat - NOT OKAY, to be rude, obnoxious, cruel, intolerant or hateful. Same goes for blatantly expressing racism, bigotry or any other kind of discriminatory, prejudiced behavior. Futile attempts at [not so] cleverly disguising it as ignorance or arrogance, is also NOT OKAY. We're onto you! Check your nasty at the door, please, and dust off your "polite" and "kind" and "do unto others." #MannersMatter, so use them.

If you’re angry, how about converting that energy into doing something productive and positive that will move your position forward in a peaceful way. No, your opponents still won’t agree with you, but let's face it - that was never likely to happen. FYI, they’ve been tuning you out from the moment you “forgot” how to be considerate.

So, the next time you’re feeling compelled to “share” your opinions, whether verbal or posted carelessly on social media, take a moment to consider this: expression laced with racist epithets, name-calling, nastiness, and without regard for the pain it will inflict on others, is not bold or courageous, and does not make you a hero. In fact, it probably makes you one of the names you've been slinging about. It requires more courage and strength to be gently compassionate than it does to be callous, thoughtless, cruel, hateful and intolerant. #LoveWins #NoH8 #IfYouDontHaveAnythingNiceToSay

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