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Just Chillin' at Midnight in La Puerta del Sol

Eventually I decided to continue my exploration, so I walked a bit further, along cobblestone streets, passing shops and stores of every kind. Lots of gorgeous graffiti in el barrio La Latina. It was nearing midnight on a Tuesday, yet it felt like noon on a Saturday! Faaaabulous!! The air was warm and the streets were still filled with as many (if not more) people as in the middle of the day! A few more steps, and the streets opened into (surprise!) another beautiful plaza. This one called La Puerta del Sol. There was so much to see, it was almost overwhelming. So once again, I settled into a "front row seat" on the fountain ledge, in the middle of the plaza, and became one of the locals.

I sat there happily observing people visiting with one another, walking, shopping, singing, listening to street musicians. As I was enjoying every moment of this seemingly ordinary evening, reality began to sink in, that the end of my adventure was drawing near.

I could feel my heart growing heavy at the thought that I would soon take leave of this beautiful city, and country, and the people, sites, smells and tastes I had come to love so dearly. In so many ways, Spain felt like home to me now, and leaving would be difficult and sad. But, I'll worry about that tomorrow (thank you, Scarlet), because for now, I had this night to enjoy!

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