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La Playa y Las Ramblas

La Playa

We only spent one day on the beach, but it was an easy and glorious day in the sun. Barcelona offers many beaches, each different from the others, so whatever type of day you're looking for, you will likely be able to find the beach to match. Barceloneta, the first area of beach from the Port, is the most popular, especially among the younger crowd, but also among the tourists. Restaurants and cafes provide the backdrop all along the Barceloneta beach, making it convenient for midday eats or apré-playa refreshments. The further away from the port you go, the quieter and less populated the beaches become.

Las Ramblas

Michelle and I covered every inch of Las Ramblas, including the beautiful and scrumptious La Boqueria. We didn't miss an inch of the fabulously famous boulevard, complete with street people selling endless supplies of souverniers and cafes. One of our favorite pastimes was frequenting the myriad open-air cafes right on the boulevard, complete with perfect people-watching vantage points and delicious sangría, both of which were plentiful!

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