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La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is the Mother (Mary) of all churches. It simply silenced me. We spent hours walking all around its outside permitter, which was more like being at an outside museum, went up to the top of the towers where the views of Barcelona were breathtaking, then inside the great sanctuary, which was truly and simply a great work of art, combining mosaic, stone carvings, modern and ancient religious icons and figures. Finally, because we asked if the sanctuary was ever actually used for mass (it is, only on special occasions), we went down to the crypt, a separate church built on the grounds, underneath the main building, where a full mass was underway. That was my very favorite part! A full church hiding underground, with stone walls and cobblestone floors. There are confessionals surrounding the perimeter and intricately carved statues… And oh, by the way, Antonio Gaudi is buried down there!!!

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