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Amigas Nuevas

Today's aventura included a trip to el supermercado (the supermarket), en el coche (by car) for a few staples (which, for me, are avocados, coffee and water), and perhaps a few local foods to try. Easy enough, yes? BAAAA HAAAA!! I'll spare you most of the details, and sum it up by saying it was a 3-hour venture (did I mention the supermarket is less than a mile away?) and that I heard myself saying things like "Wait, what? This is a ONE-way street? SHIT!" ...and... "Wait, what? That tiny sidewalk is actually a STREET? Really?!" I'm sure I committed no fewer than 10 traffic violations. But, surprisingly, no one honked their horn at me, nor did they wave violently out their window, and not a single middle finger did I see. Disconcerting as that was, it made me smile! ….as I drove around the same block for the umteenth time! ;)

The return trip was far less eventful (unless you count the part where the garage is really only big enough for Barbie's dune buggy!), and besides, now I know how to get to Portugal! So what's so bad about that? *wink* P.S. as I unloaded my groceries, I realized I forgot avocados!

After that little adventure, I decided it was time for a little siesta (when in Spain...), and a few hours later, I was back out the door (on foot this time!) to enjoy another balmy evening. I walked all the way across the street before I was drawn into (yep, you guessed it) a tapas bar! Actually, I didn't go inside, but instead, sat at a lovely table outside where I could partake in one of my favorite pastimes: people watching!! I shamelessly gawked at all that was occurring in the street. It was “early” for the Sevillanos, and I was one of only a few patrons at “La Chunga.” Although I didn't know it yet, La Chunga would soon become my favorite spot, and my "go-to" for tapas on many occasions. I sat there happily drinking wine and eating salmorejo, and watched this quaint spot begin to buzz with activity. Little by little, more and more people arrived, and eventually, it was so crowded that there were no vacant seats or tables. I felt lucky having chosen "the place to be.” Eventually, two girls walked by and I offered for them to share my table. We introduced ourselves (Yeruna y Paula) and chatted. Both originally from Sevilla, they shared with me how much they enjoy living here. The next thing I knew, Yeruna had ordered another round, and then our evening truly began... They eventually commandeered some seats, and the three of us proceeded to spend the rest of our evening getting to know one another.

Yet another a lovely evening! I keep forgetting to make note of the wines I'm tasting. They are delicious!

Más pronto...

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