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Silent Thank You

Whether it was brief or infinite, hilarious or devastating, easy, smooth, fun, difficult, tumultuous or horrible, be grateful for each and every person who has been part of your journey. Some are still with you, others are gone forever. Some are your biggest fans, others might seem to be enemies. You may have questioned someone’s motives, or wondered about another’s morals. You may have questioned your own judgment for inviting certain folks into your life. But each and every one brought a message, a lesson, a gift. You may not have liked it at the time. You may not like it still. But look at how far you’ve come between there and here, and I bet you can’t deny how significantly that lesson, or message, or gift has supported you on your journey. You weren’t wrong for caring. It wasn’t a waste of time. So rather than wish you never met him / her / them, and instead of wanting to pretend it never happened, simply let your next breath be a bit longer, a bit deeper, and exhale a silent thank you. They were part of your journey, and your story wouldn't be complete without each and every one.


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